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Lives and works in Recife-Brazil.
Research the body in movement in relation to different devices. She works in perfomances, videos, installations and urban interventions, in collaboration with artists of different fields.She develops experiments engaging Body , Art and Technology. With the interactive installation Aires de Cambio with Leandro Olivan she participated in the Exhibition “Interactives” 2012 at the Telefónica Foundation in Buenos Aires. She studied a master’s degree in Art History at UNSAM-Universidad de San Martin, has a postgraduate degree in Visual Art-Combined Artistic Languages at UNA, a degree in Performing Arts at UFPE. In 2017 she began her training as a body therapist – BMC Body Mind Centering. She was awarded the in 2016/2017 with the Funarte Scholarship for Performing Arts Training studying at the National Center de la Danse CND / Pantin in France and participated in the SESC turnee Palco Giratorio with the performances “How to keep my self alive?” and “Contact Sound”performing in 26 different cities . Flavia investigates the body in its programmed obsolescence, in relation to the gambiarras, the analogical devices, failure, error and catastrophic procedures.She was a substitute teacher at the Dance Degree at Federal University of Pernambuco. She works as a researcher and facilitates pedagogical and international curator processes . She is currently investigating bacterias in vitro related to the unhealthy context of Recife: a series of images and performances procedures in the symbolic fight against antibiotics. She also performs “Antilope” a “Performance Parlante” with the sound artist Yuri Bruscky. And she insists on dystopia of hacking into existence. In 2020 she did her first individual Exhibition “Abysses of a failure body” with videos, photographs , and objets that were activated in the opening night in a a perfomance. She had her perfomance Ruins of a disappearance future which was cancelled in SESC Av. Paulista due to the pandemic of COVID-1